We create
solutions that are bold
and forward-looking.

Marketing that meets technology.

Medream is a marketing services company that expands global horizons by providing forward-looking, bold platforms on which businesses can enhance their online presence. Where marketing meetings technology. With a decade of branding experience we serve every market, everywhere and serve a rapidly increasing and diverse client portfolio with some of the very best PR and marketing consultancy services in Asia and across the world.


We define our marketing platforms by visibily defining our clients needs and potential reach, elevating them to success.


Designing operational change management inside of workflows to establish a marketing framework, across multiple platforms.


Developing a sustainable marketing plan that outweighs potential need and provides long term ROI, over and over again.

Marketing this way

Public Relations

PR that crosses marketing platforms to deliver rich streams of new awareness for our clients. With no borders or boundaries, you are global.

Platform Marketing

Branding your business across search platforms we seek out new consumers that want to interact with you like never before.

Site Optimization

We are your partners in the overall optimization and development of your marketing plan, by integrating tier level optimization at every stage.

Brand Management

Brand awareness, and increased footflow to your online store are key elements of the extended wrap of brand managemenet undertaken.
Key Milestones

From us, with love

With Success Comes Success

Drawing together small and large online businesses to our most succesful marketing brands, we build upon our success each year.

Branding Our Global Relationship

Cementing our position of key affordability in the PR sphere we drove thousands of global businesses to our different online brands.

From HK With Love

Medream launched in Asia's capital, Hong Kong, with the strikingly forward-thinking cheer; of low cost online marketing campaigns.